The Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine – Simply the Best

The choice of a Concept 2 Model E rowing machine is the best investment you can make in a home fitness machine. While indoor rowers are the highest quality and least expensive piece of equipment you can buy, any Concept2 model is the crème de la crème when compared to any competitor model.

The Rower

The Model E rower comes with the PM5 Performance Monitor and a heart rate performance monitoring. Also included is a rechargeable battery pack and a Logcard.

The specs on the Concept 2 Model E rowing machine are:

Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine
  • Frame Length/(Seat) Height: 95" x 20"
  • Machine Weight: 65 pounds
  • Chain Drive
  • Seat at Normal Chair Height
  • Flexfoot footrests for Quick Adjustments
  • Maximum User Weight – 500 lbs
  • Caster Wheels, Separating Frame
  • Warranty: 5 years frame, 2 years electronics & moving parts

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Concept2 Model E PM5 Performance Monitor

The Buzz

The Concept 2 Model E rowing machine is 8' feet in length and separates into 2 parts easily – no tools required. The caster wheels on the front let you roll the fanwheel out of the way for compact storage. The seat sits 6" higher than the seat on the Concept2 Model D (“the D”) making it easier for seniors or people with less mobility to get on and off.

The balanced air flywheel spins to generate wind resistance which is the tension you feel when you pull on the handle. There is no friction to this mechanism so there are no brake pads or tension straps to wear out. The chain is nickel-plated (the Model D has a steel chain), and the I-beam aluminum monorail has a stainless steel seat track. The monorail is 54 inches long, but very tall users can order an extra-long monorail from Concept2. The flexing footrests with adjustable straps can accommodate shoe sizes from 4 to 13.

The chain housing on the Concept 2 Model E is fully enclosed (versus partially enclosed on the Model D), and the spiral damper controls airflow to the flywheel, allowing the user to choose the feel of rowing a fast heavy boat or a light sleek boat.

The calibrated and highly accurate PM5 features readouts for Time, Distance, 500/m Split time, SPM, Calories, and more. It is compatible with Bluetooth Smart wireless heart rate technology, has larger memory capacity than the PM4 monitor, supports wireless and wired racing against other PM5-equipped rowing machines (up to 8 participants), and it comes with a battery pack that actually recharges as you row.

What We Say About the Model E

Concept2 Model E Stored Position

These indoor rowing machines get 5-star reviews because they are simply the best. The Proteus rowing machine for around $999 is a close competitor of the Concept 2 Model E rowing machine. You may prefer the Proteus air/magnetic hybrid if you feel the need to adjust resistance and want a quieter flywheel.

If you don’t plan to participate in indoor group rowing events, or don’t need the higher seat over the 14" seat height on the Concept 2 Model D, you can save $200 and go with the D. Both models have the same air resistance technology that minimizes noise and provides a smooth rowing experience.

You will find both models used in health clubs because of their nearly maintenance free design and excellent reliability. However, if your love of rowing is more than just a 20-minute daily exercise, and you want to eventually brag that you’ve rowed 3 million meters, you want the highly accurate monitor and LogCard of a Concept 2 Model E rowing machine with the PM5 monitor. At under $1,200, it rates as a Best Buy.

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