Tunturi Rowing Machines – Over Priced Compared to Competitors

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While the line of Tunturi rowing machines is stable and robust, there are better deals available from competitors who dominate the North American market.

About the Company

Founded in 1922 in Turku, Finland, by the Harkke brothers, Tunturi began as a small bicycle repair shop. The brothers eventually began to make cycles adopting the brand name Tunturi, which is Finnish for “Highland.” After another successful launch of mopeds in the 1950s, the company branched out to make fitness equipment in the 1970s.

The Accell Group, Europe’s largest producer of fitness equipment brands, bought Tunturi Oy Ltd, in 2003. Today, the distinct Scandinavian design of Tunturi’s broad range of products are sold in over 40 countries around the world. From rowers to treadmills, crosstrainers, ellipticals, and exercise bikes, the company offers unique designs and lasting quality.

About the Rowers

The three Tunturi rowing machines are quality magnetic resistance rowers.

Tunturi Indoor Rowing Machine

The Tunturi R25 indoor rower uses a permanent magnet with manual adjustment. It has a rotating mass of 13 lbs, a user weight capacity up to 300 lbs, a folding frame, flexible footrests, a compact mono rail, and a console that runs on batteries.

The Tunturi R35 is similar to the R25 but features an 18-lbs rotating mass, a battery-operated console, and a heavier frame.

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Tunturi Rowing Machines

The Tunturi R60 is recommended for home or light commercial use. It uses an electromagnet brake system, and has flexible and integrated footrests, an 18-lbs rotation mass, plug-in power supply, a folding frame, and a stable double rail gliding system.

They Also Make Rowers...

Reviews on Tunturi rowing machines are better than average but this is a European company which struggles to carve out a market for itself in North America for its primary fitness equipment – that is, treadmills and ellipticals. The rowers, which are over-priced compared to competitors, are just another product they make, and you may have some trouble finding an authorized seller for this product in the US. Overall, there’s no reason to buy a Tunturi over well-known brands sold in the US and Canada, especially when product support by a European company may become a concern in a volatile economy.

Model Reviews

Tunturi R25 Competence Rower - Entry level rowing machine for in-home use; slim profile and folding frame.

Tunturi R35 Competence Rower - Offers an ergonomic and functional design on a sturdy frame, made by a company known for its quality products.

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