Why Smart Shoppers Buy Rowing Machines at Amazon

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There is a huge selection of rowing machines at Amazon, but it’s important to do your homework even when you’re buying from one of the Internet’s most trusted online retailers. Take the time to read the many consumer reviews from Amazon customers and the detailed product descriptions for each indoor rower so you can compare models.

Amazon’s sorting feature makes this easy; you can sort based on price (high to low or low to high), popularity of machines, and even by the average customer reviews, making it easy to find the model that’s the right price or the most recommended by consumers. Whether you search for overall rowing machine reviews or information on specific rowers, most search engines will take you to Amazon at some point. Fortunately, this is a good thing for people who are comparison shopping.

Amazon’s Solid Reputation

Amazon.com is the largest online retailer; it’s been in business for years and has a good reputation for handling orders well, having attentive customer service, and providing a variety of shopping and purchasing options, including their own Amazon affiliated credit card. Because Amazon is a well-established store with a good reputation, consumers are comfortable relying on its services.

Reviews of Rowing Machines at Amazon

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One way that the company ensures accuracy with every product they sell is their open review policy. Anyone who has purchased a rowing machine from Amazon can leave a detailed review of the product. Each review of rowing machines at Amazon includes a section where consumers can explain what they do or don’t like about a product, while the five-star rating system gives visitors a quick overview of what consumers think as a whole of any particular product, including rowing machines.

Research Popular Rowing Machines at Amazon

If you’re considering a particular machine, take the time to see how many reviews there are; if there are only a handful of them, you should investigate further to determine why it isn’t selling. On the other hand, if you see dozens of reviews for the rowing machine you’re interested in, you’ll know that the machine is frequently purchased. Now take a look at the reviews and the star ratings. Do the majority of reviewers give it a four star rating or better? If so, you can be assured you’re getting a quality product. Amazon does not delete or alter negative reviews, so you’ll get the full picture of both pros and cons when reading Amazon’s product reviews.

Is The Selection of Rowing Machines at Amazon Good?

In a word, “Yes.” There really isn’t another site that offers such detailed information about so many different brands and models of rowing machines. When we checked the site in October of this year, there were indoor rowers starting at less than $150 for budget users up to commercial grade machines that were well over $2300. You won’t find such an unparalleled selection anywhere else.

How Is Shipping Handled?

Tens of thousands of buyers turn to this online store every year to order exercise equipment. In some cases, the rowing machine will be shipped directly to you from one of Amazon’s own warehouses, while in other cases, your indoor rower may be shipping by a third party provider who is using Amazon as a sales portal.

Once you’ve decided to make the purchase, make sure you understand who is actually shipping it to you and what their return policy is. If there is a problem, you may not be able to return it directly to Amazon, so be aware of the actual vendor sending you your rowing machine and take the time to contact their customer service team to see if they can expedite the return.

Consumers who shop for rowing machines at Amazon are generally pleased with their purchase. Fast shipping, reliable customer service and a great selection all combine to make shopping at Amazon a pleasure. Keep in mind, however, that your machine is only as good as its materials, construction and warranty, so do take the time to read those reviews carefully before making a decision.

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UPDATE: Summer Rowing Machine Sales are going strong!


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