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For aesthetic appeal and good looks, WaterRower rowing machines are way ahead of the pack. But the wood frame design is more than eye candy – the wood provides superior engineering properties.

What could be more natural than rowing using a combination of the world’s best woods from sustainable forests with the resistance of water? It is an experience that recreates the peacefulness of real on-the-water rowing.

About the Rowers

WaterRower Rowing Machines

Using only the finest hardwoods from replenishable forests in the Appalachian Mountains, the four wooden rowers are the Natural (Ash Wood with Honey Oak stain), the Club (Ash Wood stained black and rose), the Oxbridge (Cherry Wood) andthe Classic (American Black Walnut). 

WaterRower rowing machines are designed for longevity and dimensional stability, holding up to 2,200 pounds of weight. The hardwood absorbs sound and vibration so you get a smoother, quieter stroking motion.

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Waterrower Indoor Rowing Machine

With a more contemporary design, the M1 LoRise rower is made from tubular steel and comes in standard colors of silver, black, and white with over 1600 custom colors available. The LoRise has a low entry height of 12”, while the M1 HiRise has a regular height of 20”.

The IndoRow A1 (previously GX) is offered in either a home or studio model (for group rowing). It is designed for simplicity and does not include the advanced S4 monitor that is found on the other rowers listed above. Just press the QuickStart function and start rowing. The home model has a max user capacity of 275 lbs while the pro studio rower has a capacity of 550 lbs.

There is also a limited edition S1 in stainless steel with a unique design.

About the Company

Former Yale and US National Team Rower John Duke launched WaterRower Inc. back in 1988 in Rhode Island. The company expanded to the UK in 1991, and to Australia and the Asia region in 2000. The WaterRower is now represented in 11 countries around the world while all manufacturing is done at the US facility in Warren, RI.

Each indoor rower is hand-crafted to the company’s high standard of “Purity by Design”, a concept that seeks to blend form, function, and design with durability.

These rowers are such works of art that they have been exhibited at London’s Design Museum, and have received the Plus X Award in sports & lifestyles for design. Reviews of the reasonably priced ($900 to $1500) WaterRower rowing machines are outstanding, making them top rated among water resistance rowers.

Which WaterRower Machine Should You Choose?

There are a lot of WaterRower models to choose from, but the good news is that it's hard to go wrong.  All of the rowing machines are rock-solid with the most natural on-water feel you will find anywhere.

If you like the look of wood...

The most popular model is the WaterRower Natural, which is also one of our expert's top overall picks and top water rowing machines.  It is one of the most affordable models as well, at under $1200 which is a great deal for such a high quality piece of exercise equipment.

If you don't like the honey oak stain of the Natural, take a look at the Oxbridge, which is solid cherry wood and slightly darker; the Classic, which is Black Walnut and dark brown in color; or the Club, which is Solid Ash like the Natural, but with a black and rose stain.

If you don't like the look of wood...

If a wood frame is not your thing, take a look at the sleek aluminum M1 Lo Rise or M1 Hi Rise, which sits a little higher off the ground.  Also look at the limited edition S1, which is stainless steel.  Note that these WaterRower machines are more expensive than their wood counterparts.

Perhaps a bit of both...

Lastly, if you're on a budget, check out the single monorail (all others have a double) A1 Home or Studio model, a mix of metal and wood. Both models are under $1000 and feature the more basic A1 Quickstart Monitor, rather than the S4 Performance monitor found on all of the other models.

You can read more in-depth reviews of all of the WaterRower machines below to find out more about each one.  This will help you make a more informed decision.

There are other companies that make water resistance machines, including First Degree Fitness and HCI, but WaterRower is definitely the more popular one due to the combination of high quality with affordable price.

WaterRower Model Reviews

Wood Models

WaterRower Natural - Our preferred choice of the company’s four premium hardwood designs simply because it is the lowest priced and the best value at under $1200.

WaterRower Classic - A well-designed rower that will give you years of invigorating daily workouts; aesthetically appealing and beautiful, remarkably quiet, stable, and durable.

WaterRower Club - Part of the Natural Series, a beautiful Ash wood rowing machine.  Commercial-grade but affordable, this is one of the most popular models.

WaterRower Oxbridge - An excellent choice for a rowing machine if you want the closest replication to actually immersing a paddle in moving water; beautiful design, whisper quiet operation.

WaterRower Xeno Muller - A signature edition rower similar to the Natural with a wider handle, lower footrests and personalized workout library.

Metal Models

WaterRower A1 - the most affordable model in the series with a single monorail and basic console.

WaterRower M1 LoRise - Sleek, super quiet, and a joy to own. The line has won several awards for design, including the Plus X Award in the Sports & Lifestyles category.

WaterRower M1 HiRise - The M1 HiRise has an easy-to-mount seat height of 20" (about the height of an office chair) as compared to the LoRise model which has a seat height of 12".

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