The WaterRower Ash Natural Rowing Machine – An All Rowers Best Buy

The WaterRower Natural rowing machine is a stunning piece of fitness equipment and offers an amazing simulation of the feel of on-the-water rowing. The Zen-like pleasure of rowing is further complimented by using a water flywheel to add a new dimension to your daily workout.

The Rower

The most popular rower in the series, the Natural features a user-friendly Series 4 performance monitor with a large readout display showing stroke rate, heart rate (with optional chest strap), total strokes, calorie, watts, intensity, and distance.

The specs on the WaterRower Natural rowing machine are:

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine
  • Length: 82.25"
  • Weight: 66.5 lbs dry / 104 lbs w/water
  • Water Flywheel Technology
  • Seat at Chair Height (20")
  • Dual slide rails to absorb sound
  • Transport wheels; folds to store vertically
  • Maximum User Weight – 1000 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 years frame, 3 years components

The Buzz

WaterRower Natural Rear View

Built by hand in Warren, Rhode Island, the WaterRower Natural rowing machine has a gorgeous ash frame made from domestic wood from the Appalachian mountains.

The ash wood has a honey oak stain and a Danish oil finish for a warm appeal that will look great in any room. The wood frame isn’t designed to be old fashioned or as an alternative to steel frame rowers; wood is a perfect choice for a rowing frame because it has a dampening effect on sound and vibration.

So not only is it solid, it will be less noisy than other types of rowers. In addition, the lightweight WaterRower is designed to fold easily upright – completely vertical! – to save you a ton of room when not in use.

The seat has four corner wheels that slide on dual rails for a flawless rowing motion. The WaterRower Natural rowing machine has a user weight capacity of up to 1,000 pounds – compared to competitor water rowers that recommend users weigh no more than 300 to 350 lbs max.

The handle is attached to a polyester webbing drive strap (rather than a chain) that is guided by nylon pulleys for extra-quiet performance. As a result, the only sound you hear is the gentle rhythmic lap of the water in the tank. 

Two paddle blades in the polycarbonate water tank provide the drag (resistance). The Spragg clutch in the water flywheel engages immediately as you begin to pull the handle so there is no lag in the resistance you feel at the beginning of the stroke.

For higher resistance, all you have to do is simply pull harder to increase the intensity of your workout. Additionally, if you want to add more resistance to the rower, you can add more water to the tank.

Reviews often compare the experience of working out on a water rower vs. an air rower such as the Concept2. While both have their pros and cons, the natural water slosh of a water rower is often touted as the more pleasurable and aesthetic rowing experience.

For serious training, the Concept2 is equipped with a precision monitor calibrated for real-time drag while the WaterRower monitor will give general results but nothing as accurate as the Concept2.

Both the WaterRower Natural and the Concept2 can be found at high end gyms like Orange Fitness and LifeTime.  You might have seen it on House of Cards as well.

Suffice it to say, having one of these club quality rowing machines in your home is an amazing thing.

What We Say About the Natural Rower

The WaterRower Ash Natural rowing machine is our preferred choice of the company’s four premium hardwood designs simply because it is lowest priced and the best value at under $1,500. (The cherry wood Oxbridge and black walnut Classic are rarer woods and, therefore, more expensive.)

It has topped our Best Buy lists for several years in a row, both in the Overall category as well as the Water Rower category, as it continues to stand out from the crowd.

All the rowers have the same size frames and come with the Series 4 (S4) monitor. Because of the amazing low price, beautiful design, solid warranty, high user weight capacity, and superior performance and design, the WaterRower is the best value you will find in a water resistance rowing machine.

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