NordicTrack Rowing Machine Reviews - Tons of Great Features

NordicTrack Rowing Machine Reviews - New RW900 Model

When you buy a NordicTrack rowing machine you're getting a competitively priced machine with more features and capabilities than you find anywhere else.  

That has become a hallmark of the brand, and is why all of their cardio equipment, including treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes, has become so popular over the years.

Their rowers are no exception.  After featuring only one machine in the lineup for many years, the RW200, they now have three rowers, all with advanced technology, iFit workouts and touch screen displays, among other unique capabilities.

A Look at the Current Lineup

As we mentioned there are currently three NordicTrack rowing machines. Let's take a look at each one so you can decide which one is right for you...


The lineup starts with the entry level NordicTrack RW600 rower, the least expensive machine in the lineup. This one replaced the previous RW500, with some nice upgrades for the new model year.

The RW600 has 26 resistance levels, on-demand rowing workouts through iFit, adjustable console, space saving easy-folding design and a 10" Smart HD touch screen instead of the backlit display and tablet that the previous RW500 had.

As far as comfort features you have an ergonomic seat, oversized pedals that pivot, adjustable foot straps and soft touch handle that's easy on the fingers.


Moving up the ladder you have the mid-range RW700, very similar to the RW600 except with a larger 14" Smart HD display. All of the other great specs are the same, save for a few minor design improvements.


One of the latest additions to the lineup, the RW900 is very similar to the RW600 and RW700, except instead of the 10" and 14" touch screens you get a huge 22" Smart HD touch screen display, just like the one on the company's higher end treadmills and ellipticals.

Otherwise, the RW600, RW700 and RW900 are essentially the same rowing machine.

*Note that the RW900 received a complete overhaul in 2022, with a brand new design, improved audio system, a tilting/pivoting touch screen and a new rail system.

Recently Discontinued

Here are some of the recently discontinued NordicTrack rowing machines, in case you come across them second hand. These are also good options and may be a bit more affordable than the company's newest rowers.


The base model in series, the RW200 was recently redesigned to include the company's patented iFit Coach technology.  This is an immersive program that gives you access to a vast library of personal trainer designed workouts, tracking and sharing capability and Google maps so you can row anywhere in the world that you choose.

In addition to iFit, you have adjustable magnetic resistance up to 24 levels (the previous RW200 had air resistance), 20 built in workout programs, steel monorail, oversized seat and pedals, speaker system, Watts Power Display and a 250 lb. max weight capacity.

The RW200 is sold under different names in other countries, so you may see it listed as the RX800 elsewhere, e.g. Canada, UK and Australia.  But it is the same machine.


The newer RW500 is a more advanced machine, also with iFit Coach technology.  But here you get one free year of the service (a subscription is required afterwards) and there is a 10" Portal 10i tablet included so you can see the Google map destinations right on the rowing machine instead of on your tablet on the RW200 rower.

You also get 26 resistance levels and 30 built in programs in addition to all of the features and capabilities that the RW200 offers.

How Do NordicTrack Rowing Machines Compare to the Competition?

NordicTrack Rowing Machines - RW200 iFit Console

According to our latest reviews NordicTrack rowers stack up quite well against the competition, especially the lower to mid range brands.  

The RW600, RW700 and RW900 give you features that you just don't find on other machines, even the more expensive ones.

One thing that definitely separates the NordicTrack rowing machines from the others is iFit.  You will find elements of the program elsewhere, but no other system gives you endless workout choices, Google maps of any location and tracking/sharing capability, along with nutrition recommendations and in-studio on demand classes.

The only other rowers that currently have iFit as well are ProForm rowing machines, which are manufactured by the same company that makes NordicTrack cardio machines.

Other separators include the touch screen displays that you don't typically find on residential rowing machines. These are awesome motivators as they bring a whole new experience to your workouts.

You also get very competitive warranties on the NordicTrack rowing machines – 10 years on the frame, 2 years on parts and 1 year on labor.  That's a lot better coverage than you get on many rowers these days.

How do they compare to the higher end brands?  The previous RW200 at $599 didn't really compete with the commercial brands, but the RW600 at around $999, RW700 at around $1299 and RW900 at $1799 definitely do.  That's the only comparison where NordicTrack falls a bit short.

The RW900 definitely has more bells and whistles than everyone else, but as far as durability and advanced computing, it doesn't quite compare to brands like Concept 2 and WaterRower, even though it is similarly priced.  

For example, the Concept 2 Model D has a max weight capacity of 500 lbs., which is double the max user weight on the RW600, RW700 and RW900.

So you really have to decide if you want a lot of extras and entertainment, or commercial quality and precise workout stats, at least as far as the RW600, RW700 and RW900 are concerned.

But for the casual rower, these machines will definitely fit the bill.

NordicTrack Rowers - Bottom Line

We like the NordicTrack rowing machines, and user reviews have been quite positive. The iFit technology takes your workouts to a whole new level, with plenty of features to keep you motivated and entertained.

You get a lot of built in programs, comfortable seat, adjustable foot straps and console, music compatibility with speaker system, plenty of resistance levels and strong warranties on all machines.

Casual rowers will appreciate all of the extras on the RW600, RW700 and RW900, but more serious rowers will be better served with a Concept 2 rower, which is less expensive and much more commercial-grade.

Still, with everything they have to offer, NordicTrack rowers remain extremely popular, with plenty of satisfied customers.

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