The Kettler Ergo Coach Rowing Machine – A High-Priced Electromagnetic Rower

The Kettler Ergo Coach rowing machine includes a free Polar chest strap for Heart Rate Control programs.

The Rower

The Siemens LCD display panel shows feedback for time, distance, strokes, energy consumed, and pulse rate. Calibrated for high accuracy, the training computer also has 12 pre-set programs including 2 with Heart Rate Control.

The specs on the Kettler Ergo Coach are:

Kettler Ergo Coach Rowing Machine
  • Frame Size: 77" x 21" x 23"
  • Machine Weight: 111 pounds
  • Resistance 25 to 500 watts
  • Wireless HR Telemetry (chest strap included)
  • Maximum User Weight – 285 lbs
  • Stores Upright
  • Warranty: lifetime frame, 3 years parts

The Buzz

Kettler Ergo Coach Display

UPDATE:  The Ergo Coach model rowing machine is no longer available.  Check out all of the latest Kettler models here for special deals.

The German-made Kettler Ergo Coach rowing machine has the company’s patented Induktions Brake System that provides resistance that can be adjusted from 25 watts to 500 watts. The biomechanically correct footplates pivot naturally, putting your heels in the proper position during the drive stroke, and the padded seat glides along a steel track with sealed ball bearings (no lubrication needed).

You can use the Heart Rate Control programs that will automatically select the resistance for you in order to keep you in the target heart rate zone. Use the Free Polar wireless chest strap with this HR feature, or you can use it for monitoring your heart rate during a manual workout.

What We Say

Kettler Ergo Coach Pedals

The Kettler Ergo Coach is a pricey rowing machine at $1,399. That’s $500 more than a $900 commercial Concept2 which is the best rower on the planet.

The Concept2 has no “home model” so what you buy is the same model used in health clubs and at rowing clubs and training facilities. Read just a few reviews on the Ergo Coach and you’ll be surprised at the lack of quality here for a rower that costs $1,400. Kettler makes some good hydraulic rowers that cost around $400, but this high priced electromagnetic resistance model doesn’t offer the proper catch-drive-release you want which is that “on-the-water” feel you get from a premiere indoor rower.

We recommend you skip the Kettler Ergo Coach rowing machine and get a commercial Concept2.

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UPDATE: Summer Rowing Machine Sales are going strong!


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