Getting the Best Rowing Machine Results

Your rowing machine results will vary depending on how fit you are when you begin using the machine and whether you’re using the proper form. Some beginners make the mistake of pushing themselves too hard when they begin using an indoor rower.

This usually leads to painful muscles, frustration or abruptly giving up. If you keep the following tips in mind, you’ll not only get a better workout, you’ll be able to see the difference in your fitness level and the definition of your muscles sooner.

  • Start slow. It’s always tempting to push yourself when you start, but you won’t get good rowing machine results if you go too fast, too soon. You’ll just end up with stiff, sore muscles or a sprain or strain. Being injured means you can’t work out at all for days or even weeks; don’t compromise your long-term results by doing too much before you’re sure you can handle the workout.
  • Keep your back straight at all times. You may lean forward slightly at the front of your stroke or recline slightly at the back end, but you should NEVER hunch your back or arch it. A straight back will protect you from injury and work your core muscles properly.
  • Keep your wrists straight throughout the stroke for better rowing machine results and less risk of carpal tunnel syndrome or wrist pain. Resist the urge to bend or turn your wrists when pulling or relaxing with the arms. If you feel your arms getting too tight as you row, you can alternate between your hands facing down and facing up, but the hands and wrists should be in line at all times.
  • Start with a slow resistance setting until you’re completely comfortable with your form. The higher your resistance, the more difficult it is to maintain proper form if you aren’t very familiar with using an indoor rowing machine. You should be able to keep in proper form almost effortlessly and row at a relatively fast pace with a smooth stroke for the best results.
  • After you’ve extended your legs, pull your arms toward you. Don’t pull too soon – at least ¾ of the effort of rowing should be using your legs to push back, not using your arms to carry your weight.

If you follow the above suggestions and use your rower at least three to four days a week, you’ll soon see impressive rowing machine results, including better cardiovascular health, toned legs and arms, and more energy.

Improve the Effectiveness of Your Rowing Machine Exercises

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