The First Degree Fitness Apollo Rowers - Popular Series

The Apollo Series rowing machines from First Degree Fitness are some of the most popular models that the company offers, with smooth water resistance that makes you feel like you are out on your favorite lake or river.  With three different models to choose from, it's a great choice for the more serious rower.

The Rower

The Apollo Series features high quality solid wood construction and steel frame, with a horizontally positioned water tank.

Let's take a look at the specs...

First Degree Fitness Apollo Pro Water Rower
  • Fluid Resistance Technology
  • Variable Water Volume
  • Triple Bladed Impeller
  • Durable belt drive
  • Pivoting Footboards
  • Transport wheels, Stands Upright
  • Maximum User Weight – 330 lbs
  • Dimensions / Wt : 84" x 22" / 72 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 years frame, 3 years tank, seals, and mechanical parts, 2-year wear parts

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The Buzz

As we mentioned, the Apollo is among the top rowers that First Degree Fitness offers, and one of the biggest sellers in the Horizontal Series, which includes the Newport and other high-end models.

There are three different models to choose from:  The Apollo AR Black, the Apollo Hybrid AR and the Apollo Pro 2.  All three feature dual monorails for extra stability, premium Ash wood and solid steel construction and most importantly, extremely smooth and natural motion.

The First Degree Rowers are considered some of the very best on the market today, along with the WaterRower machines which are also very popular.

The AR Black and Hybrid AR models are identical save for the fact that the Black features, as you may have already guessed, a black frame.  Other than than there are no differences...they are made of strong American Ash, feature the company's patented Variable Fluid Resistance and feature a multi-level computer with a USB port.

The First Degree Fitness Apollo Pro2 is simply a step up model, more of a commercial-grade rower for heavier usage.  The dual monorails are deeper, and the overall construction can handle the demands of multiple users.

The Apollo Series will cost between $1100-$1500 depending on the model you choose, the typical price of water rowing machines.  If you like that feel of being outdoors with the whooshing sounds of the water, it's hard to beat a First Degree Fitness machine.

What We Say About the Apollo Series

We like the First Degree Fitness Apollo rowers, as they are rock solid and provide one of the most natural motions you'll find.  Any of the three is a good choice...the Hybrid AR or Pro2 will match more home gyms, but if you like the stark black color by all means go for the AR Black model.

Check out the rest of the First Degree Fitness lineup as well, as there are a number of different rowing machines to choose from, with horizontal as well as vertical tank orientation as well as varying designs and functionality.

Also look at the WaterRower machines and if you want to save a little money, HCI Fitness offers some lower priced models that may appeal to you.

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