The First Degree Fitness Newport Challenge AR Water Rower

The Newport Challenge AR is a water rower in First Degree Fitness' horizontal series, offering many great features at an affordable price.  With adjustable fluid resistance, an improved pulley system and multilevel monitor, this one is a solid choice for home use.

The Rower

The Newport has the most unique look in the series, a combination of deep black and fire red.  As the series name suggests, the water tank is placed horizontally on the machine, and resistance levels are highly adjustable.

You get a nice sized monitor offering feedback such as strokes per minute, time, distance, calories, heart rate, watts and interval training.

Let's take a closer look at the specs...

First Degree Fitness Newport Challenge Rower
  • Adjustable Fluid Resistance Technology
  • Variable Water Volume
  • Triple bladed impeller
  • Adjustable Footboards
  • Multi-level Computer console
  • Comfortable, low friction seat
  • Transport wheels
  • Maximum User Weight – 300 lbs
  • Dimensions / Wt : 77.8 x 20.9 x 20 inches / 71 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 years frame, 3 years tank, seals, and mechanical parts, 1-year wear parts

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The Buzz

All of the First Degree Fitness machines are developed by professional rowers, and the Newport is no exception.  As a result, the machine closely replicates the feel of rowing out on the water.

It features adjustable fluid resistance from minimum to maximum setting, adjusting its own internal water levels to match your selection.  It's ideal for all levels of users, as the minimum setting offers the perfect resistance for your warm up or for new users, and the maximum setting is a real challenge, even for professionals.

Due to the triple bladed impeller there are no dead spots throughout the movement, as is often the case on other machines, especially air rowers.  Here the motion is smooth and  natural the entire time.

User reviews on the First Degree Fitness Newport AR highlight the water rower's nice sized monitor with easy to read workout metrics.  Users also seem to like the fact that you can adjust the footplates and the straps to find the most comfortable position for you.  The seat and handles are ergonomically designed for comfort as well.

The Newport compares well with the popular Concept2 machine, offering a more affordable option without sacrificing too much quality.

What We Say About the Newport Rower

We like First Degree Fitness as a brand, and the Newport water rower is a nice, affordable choice for a home unit that is built for home use.

It's one the most popular rowing machines in the company's Horizontal Series, along with the Pacific model perhaps due to the price or the cool fire red and black design.

Either way, the Newport is definitely worth a look and is one of our top choices in the price range for features, build and comfort.

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UPDATE: Memorial Day Rowing Machine Sales are going strong!


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