The Sole SR400 Offers Air & Magnetic Resistance

The Sole Fitness SR400 is one of two rowing machines in the company's lineup, a more compact model than the higher priced SR500 rower.  With wireless resistance adjustments in the handlebars, you don't have to stop your workout to change the intensity...a unique feature not found on most rowers.

The Rower

The SR400 features a 5.5" display showing your workout metrics.  Those include watts, calories, distance, pulse, strokes, time and resistance level.

Let's take a look at the important specs...

Sole SR400 Rowing Machine
  • Frame Dimensions: 94" x 18" x 44"
  • 14 workout programs
  • Oversized pedals
  • 16 resistance levels (wireless adjustment)
  • Air and Eddy Current Magnetic Resistance
  • 5.5" LCD Monitor Display
  • Heart Rate Receiver
  • Maximum User Weight – 300 lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 1 year parts, 1 year labor

The Buzz

UPDATE: As of 2017, it looks like the SR400 may no longer be available, leaving only the up-level SR550 model.  Check out that review to learn more about their top of the line rower.

The Sole SR400 has been well received thus far, and reviews on the rower have been generally positive.  The company is known for making high quality exercise equipment, and has received many Best Buy awards over the years for their treadmills and ellipticals.

Sole's focus has always been design and functionality, rather than bells and whistles.  So they concentrate on the workout itself, making sure their rowing machines offer the most natural motion possible.

The SR400 rowing machine has a combination of air and magnetic resistance, which closely mimics the feeling of being out on the water and gives you the advantages of each type of machine.

One of the best features is wireless resistance, which allows you to change the resistance levels (16 in all) on the fly via the handlebars, rather than having to stop your workout to make the adjustment.  This feature can also be found on the up-level SR500 rower.

There is an up and a down button right in the center so you can use your thumbs to increase or decrease. This is a very cool feature that you don't find everywhere.

The seat is set high on the machine which allows for easier entry/exit which many users prefer.  The rail itself is also quite long, and reviews from taller users mention the fact that they chose the SR400 over other rowing machines for that reason.

When you're done using the machine you can fold it up quite easily, and store it away using the front-mounted wheels.

The display, although quite basic, gives you all of the information you need.  It may not be as accurate as the computers you'll find on more high end models, but for the casual user it will suffice.

All in all the Sole SR400 is a well-made rower with plenty of workout and resistance options to give you a great workout.

What We Say About the Sole SR400

The Sole SR400 is well priced at $699 when it is on sale.  It's made very well, and you can buy it directly from the company with free shipping and no sales tax which is pretty cool.

Also take a look at the SR500 which is very similar, it's just a sturdier model.  It's a little bit bigger, has a higher weight capacity of 515 lbs. and also comes with a stronger warranty.  It also includes the wireless chest strap for more accurate heart rate readings.

It may also be the only model still being sold, as it seems and if they removed the Sole SR400 from the company website, which means it may no longer be in production.

Either machine is a solid choice in the price category, so you really can't go wrong.

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UPDATE: Spring Rowing Machine Sales are going strong!


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