The First Degree Fitness Viking 2 Fluid Rower – The Ideal Choice for Cardio Fitness

The beautiful First Degree Fitness Viking 2 Fluid rower is a wooden frame high quality ergometer that is designed to deliver elegance as well as fitness functionality in the home.

The Rower

The display on the computer shows feedback for time, speed, distance, 500m split time, strokes per minute, calories per hour, watts, interval training, and (optional) heart rate.

The specs on the Viking 2 Fluid rower include:

First Degree Fitness Viking Fluid Rower
  • Length / Width: 7' x 22"
  • Variable Water Volume
  • Contoured comfort seat
  • American Ash Frame
  • Adjustable Fluid Resistance
  • Adjustable Footboards
  • Max User Weight: 300 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years frame, 3 years tank/seals, 2 years non-wearing mechanical parts

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The Buzz

First Degree Fitness Viking Monitor

The First Degree Fitness Viking 2 Adjustable Resistance Fluid Rower is crafted in fine quality American Ash harvested from sustainable plantations. FDF chose this wood for the Viking because of its excellent construction properties of deadening sound and vibration, as well as it being aesthetically pleasing as a superior piece of cardio equipment.

It is similar to the Apollo line, which also features wood and a horizontal water tank.

The frame is built to last; it will cost a bit more than other rowers but the construction is so superior you may not have to buy another rower – ever.

The First Degree Fitness Viking 2 Fluid rower has a maintenance-free resistance mechanism thanks to its durable drive belt and tough polycarbonate shell. Inside the water tank is a 3-blade stainless steel impeller blade that provides resistance against variable water levels from 9 to 17 liters. You can add less water or more and set resistance that way, or use the adjustable dial and go from light to heavy on-the-fly, changing up your workout in a way not possible with other styles of rowers.

One of the most important features of any water rower is the effectiveness of the workout. With water resistance, the blade engages the water instantly so there are no dead spots or sudden catches when you start the pull stroke. This full stroke consistency resembles the feel of rowing on water, as does the soothing sound the water makes as it gently laps inside the tank. The comfortable seat and quiet Delron wheels containing precision bearings glide quietly on a custom extruded black anodized rail.

What We Say About the Viking 2

The First Degree Fitness Viking 2 Fluid rower is a good-looking piece of fitness furniture that, according to user reviews, is easy to assemble. Wood frame water rowers are far quieter than air fan rowers and the soothing water sound makes them an ideal choice for cardio fitness, especially for people who also like the looks of an elegant rower in the home workout room.

The only real downside is the cost since the Viking 2 Fluid rower runs about $1,599, which is around $400 to $600 more than a Concept2. However, if the high price tag is keeping you from buying a fluid rower, take a look at the WaterRower Natural rower which sells for less than $1,100 and offers excellent value, equal to if not better than the Viking.

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