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Brand Reviews

Rowing Machine Reviews – Ratings of Indoor Rowers, Comparison Charts - Our reviews and ratings are based on information gathered from hundreds of sources, including consumers and exercise equipment experts, buying guides and fitness supply companies.

Avari Rowing Machine Reviews - The Avari Easy Glide Rower should win a prize for being the cheapest and most poorly made rower on the market today.

BodyCraft Rowing Machines – Reviews of the VR100 Rower - BodyCraft rowing machines look like a winner, built with quality components in the frame. Yet the design is surprisingly poor when compared to high-end models.

Reviews of Concept 2 Rowing Machines – Top Honors for Quality, Price, Comfort - The allure of Concept2 rowers is their exceptional design. People are willing to pay more for a used Concept2 than they would pay for a new rower by a lesser manufacturer. That says it all.

Reviews of First Degree Fitness Rowing Machines – Real Water Rower Experience - The rowing machines with patented Variable Fluid Resistance system: incredibly realistic rowing motion is prized by anyone who wants an alternative to real water rowing.

Reviews of H2O Fitness ProRowers & Proteus Rowing Machines - H2O Fitness ProRowers & Proteus rowing machines distributed by HCI Fitness, some of the very best indoor rowers on the market. Choose from a simple home rower up to a Club Series commercial rower.

Kettler Rowing Machines – Reviews of an Above Average Brand - Five models ranging in price from $399 to $1,399. Look to the better quality Verso and Coach magnetic rowers to give you a full body workout on just one machine.

Lifecore Rowing Machines – Reviews of 3 Folding Frame Models - Lifecore rowers offer the performance and durability comparable to the leading commercial rower brand; silent magnetic resistance, superior workmanship, easy to assemble, affordable prices.

Lifespan Rowing Machines – RW1000 Review - An after-thought from a company whose focus is on treadmills, indoor exercise bikes, and elliptical trainers. The company only has one rower in their stable: the RW1000.

MyRower E1 Rowing Machine Review - The MyRower E1 Rowing Machine offers the natural resistance and feel of water for an aerobic workout.

Schwinn Rowing Machines – Great Reviews from Owners - Schwinn rowing machines offer evolution fan wheel technology for silky smooth resistance. Review of the AirDyne Windrigger, the rowing version of Schwinn’s legendary AirDyne bike.

Reviews of Stamina Rowing Machines – Decent Budget Rowers - Stamina rowing machines are produced and marketed with affordability and durability in mind. Whatever your budget is, you’ll find Stamina makes a decent rower for you.

Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine Review – An Affordable Model - The Sunny Magnetic Rowing does have a nice rowing motion in the pull cord, it’s solid, and it’s quiet. For an occasional cardio workout this machine might be a decent choice at the right price.

Tunturi Rowing Machines – Better Than Average Reviews - Reviews on Tunturi rowing machines are better than average but this is a European company which struggles to carve out a market for itself in North America; over-priced compared to competitors.

WaterRower Rowing Machines Receive Outstanding Reviews - WaterRower rowing machines are hand-crafted to the company’s high standard of Purity by Design, a concept that seeks to blend form, function, and design with durability; top rated among water rowers.

Consumer Info

Best Rowing Machines 2016 – Reviews of the Top 4 Indoor Rowers Our list of the best rowing machines of 2016 in 4 different categories: these 4 indoor rowers made the top of the list based on price, natural feel, reliability, warranties and consumer opinion.

How Home Rowing Machines Work - A good understanding of how rowing machines operate will help you get the most from your workout while minimizing the risk of an injury. Find the indoor rowing machine that’s right for you.

Indoor Rowing Machines: The Affordable Cardio Machines - Why indoor rowers are the perfect addition to any home gym. Rowers burn a ton of calories, work the arms, back, shoulders, abs, legs, trunk; rowing is easy, low impact, no skills required.

Rowing Machine Benefits – The Many Advantages of Indoor Rowers - Rowing machine benefits include weight loss, toning, and stress reduction. Indoor rowing strengthens your core; work all major muscle groups in no more than 20 to 40 minutes each day!

Air Rowing Machines – Reviews of Air Resistance Rowers - The top choice of fitness buffs and competitive rowers. Train for competitions with an air resistance rower; closely resembles on-the-water workouts.

Piston Rowing Machines – Reviews of Hydraulic Rowers - Also referred to as hydraulic rowers, they offer a budget friendly workout because of their simple design, small footprint, and use of fewer parts; inexpensive, reliable, easy to care for and use.

Magnetic Rowing Machines – Reviews of Magnetic Rowers - Magnetic resistance rowers more closely mimic real world rowing: get more of a workout for your dollar since the lower body is fully engaged; fall in love with the silent operation and smooth glide.

Water Rowing Machines – Reviews of Water Resistance Rowers - Preferred by competitive indoor rowers and athletes. Sliding seat provides full body workouts; the feel of actually rowing on water is realistic.

Cheap Rowing Machines – Inexpensive Indoor Rowers - There are several styles of cheap rowing machines on the market, but some types are less expensive than others. A basic, inexpensive hydraulic or piston rower may be ideal.

Commercial Rowing Machines – Compare Specs, Features, Warranties - Commercial rowing machines offer several advantages over machines designed and marketed for in-home use. Find the best commercial rower in your price range, compare prices, features, warranties.

Used Rowing Machines – Reconditioned Indoor Rowers - Where to find used rowing machines: buy reconditioned indoor rowers under warranty at big discounts, best sites for private sales of used rowers.

Folding Rowing Machines – Portable, Foldable Indoor Rowers - There are many styles of folding rowing machines and portable rowers on the market. Find one that’s the perfect combination of size, convenience and features for your home workouts.

Rowing Machine Exercises – Tips on Indoor Rower Training - Increase the effectiveness of your rower exercises, focus on proper form, burn more calories, prevent strain, sprains or lower back injuries. Learn about proper technique.

Rowing Machine Techniques – Tips on How to Use an Indoor Rower - Proper techniques involve these four steps or phases to each stroke: catch, drive, finish and recovery. Tips on keeping your body in proper form and your workout productive and safe.

Rowing Machine Comparison Charts – Compare Prices, Features, Specs, Warranties - Comparison charts sorted by price: compare basic features, specifications and warranties of hydraulic, air, magnetic and water indoor rowers.

Rowing Machine Buying Guide and Consumer Information - Rowing machine buying guide, reviews of air, hydraulic, magnetic and water resistance rowers. Get ready to buy a rowing machine, find indoor rowers on sale, become an informed consumer.

Model Reviews

Avari Free Motion Rowing Machine - Cheaply made, an overpriced piece of junk. The hydraulic shock absorbers heat up during an intense rowing session and could fail.

BodyCraft VR100 - The VR100 is a solid rower construction-wise, but speaking in terms of ergonomics, the ergometer, and proper rowing style – this model is a disaster.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower - The choice of rowers installed in health club facilities, so you know it’s a quality piece of equipment and a great investment for your home gym.

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rower - If your love of rowing is more than just a 20-minute daily exercise, and you want to eventually brag that you’ve rowed 3 million meters, you want the highly accurate monitor and LogCard of the Model E with the PM4 monitor.

First Degree Fitness Evolution Series E-216 Fluid Rower - Designed for light commercial use less than 25 hours per week in clubs and public facilities.

First Degree Fitness Evolution Series E-520 Rower - The E-520 offers a real-water rower experience that has no equal thanks to the natural catch and full resistance momentum throughout the stroke.

First Degree Fitness WR-N Neptune Rower - Fluid Technology lets you adjust the variable resistance control from a light touch to a power sprint with the best on-the-water rowing emulation.

First Degree Fitness Atlantic Fluid Rower - The company’s mid-range home machine with adjustability in dial-up resistance; compact footprint and superior construction.

First Degree Fitness Viking Fluid Rower - The beautiful Viking Fluid rower is a wooden frame high quality ergometer that is designed to deliver elegance as well as fitness functionality in the home.

First Degree Fitness Pacific Fluid Rower - The Pacific Fluid rower offers the latest innovation in water rowers – adjustable resistance! With this new feature, you can move from light resistance to a sweating sprint with the turn of the dial.

Titan Water Rower - This entry-level model from First Degree Fitness offers uncompromising value for about what you would pay for a better quality hydraulic rower.

Kettler Coach E Indoor Rower - The versatile German-made Kettler Coach E rowing machine is designed for standard rowing as well as using the backboard attachment for up to 16 additional total body exercises.

Kettler Coach M Indoor Rower - A well-built, German-made model that offers the additional benefit of convenient glideboard exercises for total body conditioning.

Kettler Ergo Coach - The Kettler Ergo Coach is a high priced electromagnetic resistance model that doesn’t offer the proper catch-drive-release you get from a premiere indoor rower.

Kettler Verso R-400 Indoor Rower - This 90-lb machine with air and magnetic resistance is the best value in the line; offers a smooth rowing experience and a number of quality features.

Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rower - The Kettler Kadett Outrigger gets positive marks for workmanship and design. One of the better built, better designed, and better quality piston rowers.

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine - The Kettler Favorit costs just $400 and is intended for casual rowers who need some combination of aerobic (cardio) and anaerobic (strength) exercise. Best value for your money.

Lifecore R88 - A mid-priced hybrid rower at $699.

Lifecore R99 - A hybrid air + magnetic resistance rower that offers the ability to dial up more tension with a touch of a button on the console.

Lifecore R100 - The Lifecore R100 gets good reviews, even winning the Head of the Class 2010 award from Fitness Professor. Superb quality and design, solid warranty.

Lifecore R900 - The quiet and smooth Lifecore R900 offers a pleasant magnetic resistance workout. This model has been replaced by the R100 rower.

Lifespan RW1000 - One of the least expensive magnetic rowers on the market. Yet given all the cheap parts it’s built with, is it actually over-priced even for $499?

Phoenix 98900 Power Rower - The budget-priced Phoenix 98900 cuts too many corners where quality is concerned and the result means frequent maintenance issues. You can’t go this cheap and expect a decent machine.

ProRower H2O RX-750 Home Series - Suitable for light rowers who will be rowing for long endurance workouts a few times a week. The water in the tank provides all the resistance you need.

ProRower H2O RX-850 LTD Series - Light commercial model has a smooth, quiet operation for a low-impact aerobic workout that is highly effective for body conditioning and weight loss.

ProRower H2O RX-950 Club Series - A longer and heavier version of the RX-850 with a higher user weight capacity, dual rails, and an elevated seat.

H2O Fitness Seattle Wooden Rower - The Seattle Wooden Rower has the same mechanical specs as the company’s RX rowers but adds a beautiful beech wood frame to give it the look of contemporary Scandinavian styling.

Proteus PAR-5500 Commercial - The Proteus PAR-5500 Commercial Club Series rowing machine combines both air and magnetic resistance systems for users who value smoothness and a quiet machine over all other considerations.

Schwinn Windrigger - The Schwinn Windrigger has the same fanwheel design as the popular AirDyne exercise bike. Two rowing positions give the user more demanding exercise options.

Stamina Air Rower - A low-cost solution for a low impact workout that works the cardiovascular system as well as provides total body toning.

Stamina ATS Air Rower - An affordable beginner’s model that offers the effectiveness of wind resistance training, a durable frame, and a folding design for easy and convenient storage.

Stamina 1050 Rowing Machine - The Stamina 1050 is advertised by Stamina as a Body Trac Glider. It will work (for a while) and provide enough resistance to give your muscles a workout.

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower - Reviews are decent but most of them are written before the reviewers have spent a few weeks with their machines; not much of an upgrade over the entry-level 1050 model.

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine - Very pricey for what you get and not worth the money. The warranty is only 90 days long because the company knows how frequently parts break on these things.

Stamina Body Trac Glider - A decent start-up rower for casual users or beginners that will give you a year or two of reliable exercise; a cheap rower that can be folded and stowed away.

Sunny Rowing Machine Review – An Ultra-Budget Rower - The Sunny Rowing Machine is cheaply made and poorly designed, and one you should stay away from. At $125, this ultra-budget rower catches a lot of impulse buyers.

Tunturi R35 Competence Rower - Offers an ergonomic and functional design on a sturdy frame, made by a company known for its quality products.

WaterRower Classic - A well-designed rower that will give you years of invigorating daily workouts; aesthetically appealing and beautiful, remarkably quiet, stable, and durable.

Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower - Mid-priced model has a Drum Magnetic Control (DMC) system and an electronic tension control for a smooth and quiet workout.

WaterRower Natural - Our preferred choice of the company’s four premium hardwood designs simply because it is the lowest priced and the best value at $1,095.

WaterRower Oxbridge - An excellent choice for a rowing machine if you want the closest replication to actually immersing a paddle in moving water; beautiful design, whisper quiet operation.

WaterRower M1 LoRise - Sleek, super quiet, and a joy to own. The line has won several awards for design, including the Plus X Award in the Sports & Lifestyles category.

WaterRower M1 HiRise - The M1 HiRise has an easy-to-mount seat height of 20" (about the height of an office chair) as compared to the LoRise model which has a seat height of 12".

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